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Each year, a handful of dedicated athletes compete at prestigious world events using techniques that have been honourably passed down from coach to coach for over 10 decades. These athletes return to Champion's Creed with titles and belts, and in turn, teach our members for fun, fitness, and self-defence.

A great source of pride at Champion's Creed is the quality of our instruction, our 5000 sq. ft. world-class facility, and the family atmosphere we have created. Join now to train like a world champion.

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Parent Viewing Night: Wed, April 24th and Thurs, April 25th
Take advantage of this GREAT opportunity to watch your child demonstrate a thing or two that they've been learning at Champion's Creed Martial Arts. Parents are welcome to come into the gym and sit comfortably on the side and watch their children during class.
Absolute Submission Challenge: BJJ Tournament, Sat, May 11th, 2019
This No-Gi tournament is designed to provide competitors with a lot of experience; it will follow a round-robin format, ensuring that each competitor fights everyone in his or her division onceā€”guaranteeing the competitor the most for their money!
Wimp 2 Warrior Round 2: Registrations Now Open
Presented by Champion's Creed, Wimp 2 Warrior is an elite and professionally run MMA training camp for people with little or no experience. Each class builds on the next with a specific goal in mind: to conquer your mind and body and do something you've never done before. ***Find out what Round 1 participants are saying about the program.***

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