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Each year, a handful of dedicated athletes compete at prestigious world events using techniques that have been honourably passed down from coach to coach for over 10 decades. These athletes return to Champion's Creed with titles and belts, and in turn, teach our members for fun, fitness, and self-defence.

A great source of pride at Champion's Creed is the quality of our instruction, our 5000 sq. ft. world-class facility, and the family atmosphere we have created. Join now to train like a world champion.

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The Wimp 2 Warrior Challenge is coming to Calgary!
Are you ready for 22 weeks of building the mental and physical strength and discipline to conquer ANYTHING?
Absolute Submission Challenge: BJJ Tournament, November 3rd 2018
This No-Gi tournament is designed to provide competitors with a lot of experience; it will follow a round robin format, ensuring that each competitor fights everyone in his division once - guaranteeing the competitor the most for their money!
Calgary's Best Halloween Party
October 27th, 2018. Drop off your child at 5pm and you can pick them up at 10 pm. Dinner, snacks and drinks for the kids is included. Enjoy a Saturday night and we will entertain your child with: Costume Party Games & Prizes Movie & Pizza FUN FUN FUN!

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