Champions Creed's Fully Equipt Facility

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The Champion’s Creed Martial Arts training facility has everything you need to properly train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai / Kickboxing & Wrestling. The list below will give you a glimpse of what will be available to you when you become a member.


Champion’s Creed Martial Arts is located in the heart of Calgary at:

119 – 42 Ave S.W.
Calgary, AB
T2G 1Y2

We are easily accessible by vehicle or C-Train. We are next door to World Health on the East side of MacLeod Trail or behind the Vietnamese restaurant on 42nd Ave. Our parking lot is right next to the train tracks. See map for more details. (Link to map or something like that)

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When you first arrive at Champion’s Creed you will notice we have ample private parking for our members all around our building as well as a large lot in the back of the building.

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The C-train station closest to our location is the 39th Ave location. It is conveniently one block walk North from our academy (less than a 5 minute walk).

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We have a fully stocked pro shop for any training gear, clothes or equipment. Some of the brands we supply are Hayabusa, Jaco, Arjay Fight Gear, Muae, Drako and Pandemic. You can pick everything up at our location and try on any size to make sure everything fits properly. We will give you 10% discount on anything you purchase from our pro shop on the day you register to become a member. We also have a selection of sports drinks, protein shakes and bars to purchase to keep you hydrated and energetic for your training session.

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We sell protein, vitamins, mixed greens and pre/post workout supplements to give you that extra edge for your workout and give you the proper recovery you need to maximize the benefits you get from your workout.

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Upon entering Champion’s Creed you will be asked to leave your shoes at the front entrance on the shoe racks provided. As a member you may use our men or women’s change rooms before and after class. We offer you the use of cubbyholes in the main gym to keep your belongings during class allowing easy access to your gear and water bottle. A coat rack is also available. If you choose to shower at our club we also offer a towel service for your convenience for a small fee.

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The most important part of a Martial Arts facility is their training floor. We spared no expenses making sure we have the best quality matted floor to make your training enjoyable and comfortable. Our MMA Zebra mats have great grip (non slip) and dense foam for extra firmness so they are perfect for a complete MMA club. Whether you train in Muay Thai / Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Wrestling our matts will be exactly what you need for all your training needs.

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Our cage is a 25-foot Zebra event series cage. Raised 3 feet off the ground in a solid steel frame it is great for our MMA fight team to train in the exact equipment that they will be competing in. The cage offers advantages such as working against the cage, being an enclosed space and fighting range that are not possible to do in an open space. As a member anyone is allowed to use the cage for practice.

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Our 16.5 foot Kickboxing / boxing Ring with a sprung floor gives you an extra training space to work on your stand up striking movements and footwork. It is also used for light contact sparring to prepare students who want to try competing.

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The best work outs in Muay Thai / Kickboxing classes are when you get to hit pads. Whether you use the Thai pads, belly pads, focus mitts or heavy bags you will use the technical knowledge you have learned by our expert instructors and add power and speed to those moves while hitting the pads. This is a great way to get in shape and improve your physical attributes such as balance and strength all while having fun and a partner to motivate and push you to achieve your best.

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There is nothing more fun than listening to upbeat music when you are getting in a hard work out. It keeps you pushing yourself hard and creates a positive environment to train in. We know you will enjoy all the extras we have added to our club to make it a fun and motivating place to get a great work out, learn a new skill and meet new people that have similar goals and interests as yourself.

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