Athlete of the Week: Meaghan Cameron
  Posted:3 months ago

It's not like an end date… in six weeks you'll have this achievement. It's basically your entire life that you're just working towards mastery.

– Meaghan Cameron

Let's help our amateur athlete of the week, Meaghan Cameron, make it to the IFMA Muay Thai World Championships in May! Donate here.

Meaghan is now ready to take on the world

Meaghan Cameron began training in Muay Thai just 5 years ago. Two years later, at age 29, she had her first fight.

She's been training at Champion's Creed since August of 2017. Now, at age 32, she's ready to take on the world… literally.

Meaghan's next stop? Gold

Meaghan is off to the IFMA Muay Thai World Championships in Cancun, Mexico which will take place in May… just a few months away. Her gold medal in the Muay Thai Canada Nationals last year secured Meaghan a place on the team.

Meaghan is ready to win

Her coach Chad Sawyer says Meaghan is a tough fighter who is going to give the contenders in her weight class a serious challenge. But you'll never hear that from her because Meaghan is modest about her achievements and 12-4 record.

Why does Meaghan love Muay Thai?

Meaghan loves that she can keep getting better and there's no end date in sight. The drive to greater mastery of the sport keeps her motivated, even when she doesn't really feel like training.

Meaghan Cameron Exclusive Kickboxing Fundraiser Workshop

Join amateur athlete Meaghan Cameron for an exclusive Fundraiser Workshop on Saturday, April 28th.

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All proceeds will go to Meaghan’s upcoming trip to the May 2018 IFMA Muay Thai World Championships in Cancun, Mexico.

When an amateur fighter is first trying to get off the ground, it's financially difficult, and there's a lot of training involved in addition to work and home life.

The support from fundraisers like this goes a long way and it allows us to give Meaghan the financial support so that she can focus on getting ready for her championship.

– Coach Brian Bird

Muay Thai Seminar:

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