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Where Did Jiu-Jitsu Come From, Japan or Brazil?

Where did Jiu-Jitsu come from, Japan or Brazil? Learn about the origins of Jiu-Jitsu, how it started, and how it got to where it is today. #championscreed #unitedbythecreed #bjj #jiujitsu #mmalife


This Is the Family You Choose, Come Join Us

This Is the Family You Choose, Come Join Us

Written By: Team Champion's Creed Posted: 3 days ago
Champion's Creed is not just for UFC hopefuls. We have something to offer for anyone interested in MMA training. #championscreed #unitedbythecreed #mma #ufc


Move of the Month: Ron Bushfield –The Fireman's Carry

The Fireman's Carry is not just for firefighters. It is also an effective wrestling takedown. Watch Champion's Creed instructor Ron Bushfield do it expertly in this video. #championscreed #unitedbythecreed #moveofthemonth #mma


Closed March 24th, 2018 for Kids' Instructors Course

We will be running an instructors course on March 24th for students interested in teaching kids' classes.


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